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Sakura Garden Japanese Steakhouse
Takeout Menu
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Crab Rangoon $6
Chicken Wings $8.99
Steamed soybean with sea salt.
Vegetable or Pork Gyoza
Half moon shaped pan fried dumpling.
Fried Calamari
Deep fried squid served with spicy sweet sauce.
Soft Shell Crab
Lightly fried soft shell crab with ponzu sauce.
Beef Negimaki
Broiled sliced steak with fresh scallion, smothered in teriyaki sauce.
Shrimp Shumai
Steamed shrimp dumpling.
Chicken Yakitori
Grilled chicken on skewers with teriyaki sauce.
Shrimp Yakitori
Grilled shrimp on skewers with teriyaki sauce.
Steak Yakitori
Grilled steak on skewers with teriyaki sauce.
Haru Maki
Deep fried spring rolls with miso sesame sauce.
Crispy Oyster
Fried oyster with spicy sambal sauce.
Honey Boneless Rib
Grilled boneless rib with homemade honey sauce.
Coconut Shrimp
Jumbo coconut shrimp in coconut crust served with rich coconut sauce.
Vegetable Tempura $8
Chicken Tempura $9
Shrimp Tempura $10
Rock Shrimp Tempura
Sweet rock shrimp deep fried with spicy aioli sauce.

Miso Soup
Soybean broth with seaweed, tofu & scallion.
Mushroom Soup
Chicken broth with mushrooms & scallion.
Seafood Miso Soup
Scallops, clams, shrimp & crab mixed with sliced ginger in a miso broth.
Vegetable Tofu Soup
Cabbage, mushrooms & tofu, simmered together.
Tom Yam Soup
Shrimp, sweet peas, straw mushroom, cilantro, tomato & lemon grass.

Avocado Garden Salad
Our house salad topped with avocado & sesame seeds.
Green Garden Salad
Fresh lettuce, tomato & cucumber drenched in our famous ginger dressing.
Kani Salad
Crab, cucumber, masago & crunch in a creamy sauce.
Sakura's Salad
Seaweed salad, squid, shrimp, masago, avocado & crunch with miso sauce.
Seaweed Salad
Seaweed seasoned to perfection with sesame seeds.
Spicy Tuna Salad
Tuna, masago, scallion, avocado & crunch with spicy mayo sauce.

Sakura Noodle/Rice
Pad Thai
Choice of chicken, beef or shrimp, with egg, dry tofu, pickle, bean sprout, scallion & chopped peanut served over a bed of rice noodles.
Sakura Fried Noodles
Chicken, Shrimp, Steak, Vegetables & noodles.
Sakura Fried Rice
Chicken, Shrimp, Steak, Vegetables & Rice.
Fried Noodles
Choice of chicken, beef, shrimp, vegetable or pork.
Fried Rice
Choice of chicken, beef, shrimp, vegetable or pork.

Hibachi Entrees
Served with mushroom soup, salad, fried rice, white rice or brown rice or noodles for add'l charge & vegetables. Add ons available for add'l charge.
Vegetable Hibachi $17
Chicken Hibachi $21
Sirloin Steak Hibachi $25
Shrimp Hibachi $25
Salmon Hibachi $24
Scallop Hibachi $27
Sword Fish Hibachi $24
Chilean Sea Bass Hibachi $26
Chicken & Shrimp Hibachi $25.95
Chicken & Steak Hibachi $26.95
Chicken & Salmon Hibachi $26.95
Chicken & Scallop Hibachi $27.95
Steak & Scallop Hibachi $28.95
Steak & Shrimp Hibachi $27.95
Steak & Salmon Hibachi $28.95
Shrimp & Scallop Hibachi $28.95
Shrimp & Salmon Hibachi $27.95
Filet Mignon Delight $30
Filet Mignon & Chicken Delight $29
Filet Mignon & Shrimp Delight $30
Filet Mignon & Lobster Tail Delight $37
Twin Lobster Tail Delight $35
Lobster Tail & Chicken Delight $32
Lobster Tail & Steak Delight $33
Lobster & Shrimp Delight $33
Oceans Treasure Delight
Shrimp, scallops & lobster tail.
Sakura's Land & Sea Delight
Filet mignon, lobster, shrimp & scallops.

Kitchen Entrees
Served with miso soup and choice of white rice, brown rice or fried rice for add'l charge
Tuna Steak Entree
Sushi grade tuna seared to your liking in a mirin yuza soy butter sauce placed eloquently on a bed of fresh sugar snap peas & mushrooms.
Filet Mignon Entree
8 oz. beef fillet in red wine reduction sauce, served with baby corn, asparagus & mushrooms.
Chilean Sea Bass Entree
Juicy Chilean sea bass piled high on a bed of seasoned vegetables with fresh miso sauce.
Tangy Chicken Entree
Gently fried in a delicate batter with tangy sauce.
Sakura Lamb Entree
Herb marinade with anticucho sauce.
Spicy Scallop Entree
Seared scallop with mushroom, baked with special spicy cream sauce.
Two Ways Duck Entree
Duck salad & peking duck
Miso Salmon Entree
Pan seared Atlantic salmon and broccoli served with miso glazed.
Teriyaki Entree
Vegetable or, chicken, shrimp or steak for add'l charge, served on a bed or carmelized sweet onion drenched in our teriyaki sauce.
Tempura Entree
Vegetable or chicken or shrimp tempura for add'l charge, with a light & delicious tempura batter accompanied with sweet tempura sauce.
Basil Chicken or Shrimp Entree
Chicken breast or shrimp for add'l charge, cooked in a brown sauce served with onion, leek, bell pepper & basil leaves.

Maki Creations
Substitute brown rice for add'l charge
Tango Roll
Tempura crab, lobster salad and avocado inside, topped with crab, shrimp, scallops, wasabi mayo and sweet chili sauce.
Rock & Roll
Yellow tail, salmon, avocado inside, topped with seared yellow tail, white tuna, salmon with spicy mayo, eel sauce & tempura crunchy.
Sake Lobster Roll
Lobster tempura, avocado, mixed green inside, salmon, fried onion on top served with mustard miso, black vinegar.
Fantasy Roll
Shrimp tempura, cucumber inside, seared albacore tuna, avocado on top with creamy sesame sauce.
Sweetheart Roll
Tuna, salmon & avocado with sprinkles of red & black tobiko rolled inside and placed on a miso honey mustard sauce.
Fried Lobster Roll
Lobster salad and diced tomato inside and entire roll is tempura fried then served with spicy mayo & eel sauce.
Shrimp Mango Roll
Lobster salad, avocado & lettuce inside a healthy soy bean wrap with shrimp, mango & tobiko on the outside, served with mango sauce.
Outstanding Roll
Spicy tuna & tempura crisps inside, eel & avocado outside finished with spicy mayo & eel sauce.
Volcano Roll
Spicy tuna, tempura crisps & avocado inside topped with tuna, salmon & sriracha sauce.
Spicy Tuna Sandwich Roll
Spicy tuna, avocado, crunchy, red tobiko, bonito flakes, soybean sheet in sandwich shape served with spicy mayo and eel sauce.
Othello Roll
Tuna, salmon, jalapeno and cucumber, top with black tobiko with avocado.
Yummy Roll
Shrimp tempura, cream cheese and eel, cucumber inside topped with avocado.
Angel Dragon Roll
Seared tuna, asapargus & radish sprouts inside with fresh tuna, eel & avocado outside served with wasabi mayo, spicy mayo, eel sauce, tempura crisps & masago.
Cindy Lauper Roll
Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado and mango wrapped up with soybean sheet, served with mango and raspberry puree topped with sweet coconut flakes.
Autumn of Alaska Roll
Spicy Alaskan king crab, tempura crisps, soy bean wrapped in a layer of salmon, avocado outside & honey pepper sauce.
Spicy Santa Roll
Shrimp tempura, cucumber inside top with crunchy, crab meat, scallion & masago, served with chef's special sauce.
Big Mac Roll
Spicy tuna, tobiko, avocado & snow crap inside topped with soy bean wrap, bonito flake, tobiko outside with eel sauce & spicy mayo.
Fire House Roll
Spicy tuna inside, avocado, crunchy, spicy mayo, eel sauce on top.
M16 Roll
Tempura whole roll stuffed with spicy salmon, white tuna, striped bass, red snapper, cream cheese, scallions, sprinkled with massago crunch & chef special sauce.
Master Roll
Crunchy spicy lobster salad, soft shell crab, avocado topped with smoked salmon, eel, served with eel wasabi sauce.
Sakura Garden Roll
Lobster tempura, mango, avocado, lettuce, served with spicy mango sauce.
Kiss Fire Roll
Tuna, salmon, asparagus, jalapeno, topped with pepper tuna, avocado, with chili and wasabi sauce.
Dancing Ocean Roll
Pepper tuna, mango, jalapeno, avocado, inside topped with yellowtail, black caviar chili sauce.
Out of Control Roll
Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna inside, topped with avocado, served with eel spicy mayo.
Luck Mama Roll
Fish tempura, spicy kani crunchy, avocado inside topped with white tuna and tuna with mango sasa sauce.
Hawaiian Roll
Shrimp, kani, avocado, eel deep fried topped with spicy tuna, masago with spicy mayo eel sauce.
Sushi Cake Roll
No Seaweed, tuna, salmon, white tuna and spicy kani, seaweed salad, avocado.

Traditional Maki & Handrolls
Substitute brown rice for add'l charge
Alaska Roll
Salmon, cucumber & avocado.
Avocado Roll $5
Cucumber Roll $5
Boston Roll
Shrimp, cucumber, lettuce & mayo.
California Roll
Crabmeat, cucumber & avocado.
Dragon Roll
Inside with crab meat & cucumber topped with avocado & eel sauce.
Eel Avocado Roll
Smoked eel, avocado & eel sauce.
Eel Cucumber Roll
Smoked eel, cucumber & eel sauce.
Philadelphia Roll
Cream cheese, smoked salmon & cucumber.
Rainbow Roll
Inside with avocado, crab meat & cucumber topped with fish, tuna, salmon & avocado.
Salmon Roll $5.5
Tuna Roll $5.5
Salmon Avocado Roll $6.5
Salmon Cucumber Roll $6.5
Tuna Cucumber Roll $6.5
Shrimp Tempura Roll
Shrimp tempura with eel sauce.
Chicken Tempura Roll $8
Spicy Crunchy Yellowtail Roll
Chopped yellow tail, crunchy & spicy mayo.
Yellowtail Roll $5.5
Yellowtail Jalapeno Roll $6.5
Spicy Crab Roll
Chopped crab meat, spicy mayo & crunch.
Spicy Salmon Roll
Chopped salmon, spicy mayo & crunch.
Spicy Tuna Roll
Chopped tuna, spicy mayo & crunch.
Spider Roll
Soft shell crab, masago, lettuce, cucumber with eel sauce.
Sweet Potato Tempura Roll
Sweet potato tempura with eel sauce.
Tuna Avocado Roll $6.5
Tuna Mango Roll $6.5
Vegetable Roll
Cucumber, avocado & asparagus.

Sushi Bar Entrees
Served with miso soup. No substitutions.
Sushi Dinner
8 pcs. sushi & choice of California or spicy tuna roll.
Sashimi Dinner
15 pcs sashimi & sushi rice.
Sushi & Sashimi Supreme Dinner
10 pcs. sashimi, 5 pcs sushi with spicy tuna roll.
Sushi for Two
20 pieces of assorted sushi with a California & shrimp tempura roll.
Sushi & Sashimi for Two
12 pcs. of sushi & 18 pcs. of sashimi with spicy tuna & shrimp tempura roll.
Spicy Maki Combo
Spicy tuna roll. spicy salmon roll, spicy yellowtail roll.

New Style Sashimi
Crazy Ceviche
Mixed raw fish and thinly cut vegetable, served with seven spice dressing.
Spicy Tuna Tartar
Finely chopped tuna with spicy aioli, black tobiko, sweet soy sauce & rice crunch.
Sashimi Jalapeno
Jalapeno peppers over two pieces each of salmon, tuna, yellowtail, finished with avocado & wasabi mayo.
Tuna Carpaccio
Cucumber, mango, tomato, pine nuts, mint aioli & truffle oil.
Tuna Dumpling
Tuna sashimi stuffed with avocado, wasabi, tobiko crunch drizzled with wasabi olive oil.
Lady Finger
Sliced seared salmon wrapped with kani salad, served with chef's special sauce.
Pepper Tuna
Seared tuna with seven kinds of spicy pepper served with radish, scallions & yuza sauce.
Albacore Tuna Sashimi
Seared albacore tuna, baby arugula, creamy sesame sauce.
Spring Filet Mignon Roll
Rice pepper wrapped cucumber, seared filet mignon, mango, avocado & sesame sauce.
Sushi Pizza Fiesta
Spicy tuna, tomato & mozzarella cheese on homemade tortilla chips with spicy mayo & eel sauce.
Geisha Sister
Baked stuffed salmon with snow crab, baby arugula served with spicy coconut aioli.
Tsunami Salad
Spicy kani, seaweed shrimp, crunchy, masago with spicy mayo sauce.
Island Salad
Tuna, salmon, white tuna, mango, avocado, served with wasabi yuzu mango sauce.

Sushi & Sashimi
2 pcs sushi, 3 pcs sashimi
Crab Meat (Kani) $5
Eel (Unagi) $6
Flying Fish Roe
Tobiko, black, red or wasabi.
Fluke (Hirame) $6
Octopus (Tako) $6
Red Snapper (Tai) $6
Salmon (Sake) $6
Salmon Roe (Ikura) $6
Shrimp (Ebi) $5.5
Smoked Salmon $6.5
Squid (Ika) $5.5
Striped Bass (Suzuki) $6
Sweet Shrimp (Amaebi) $8
Tuna (Maguro) $6
White Tuna (Shiro Maguro) $6
Yellowtail (Hamachi) $6

Specialty Trays
Special Roll Party Tray
Your choice of any 10 special rolls from our sakura maki creations. Use Special Instructions Field to Specify Quantities of each Selection.
Mixed Roll Party Tray
88 pcs (4 pcs each): tuna sushi, salmon sushi, yellowtail sushi, shrimp sushi, eel sushi, kani sushi. 2 order each: California rolls, spicy tuna rolls, Philadelphia rolls, shrimp tempura rolls. 1 order each: spicy Santa roll, fried lobster roll.
Sushi & Roll Party Tray
84 pcs (4 pcs each): tuna sushi, salmon sushi, yellow tail sushi, eel sushi, shrimp sushi, white fish. 2 order each: California rolls, spicy tuna rolls, Boston rolls, eel avocado rolls, vegetable rolls.
Sushi Party Tray
36 pcs (4 pcs each): tuna sushi, salmon sushi, white tuna sushi, fluke sushi, shrimp sushi, kani sushi, eel sushi, striped bass sushi, yellow tail sushi.
Sushi & Sashimi Lover Party Tray
21 pcs of sashimi & 12 pcs of sushi with a California roll and your choice of one special roll from our Sakura maki creations.
Chef Roll Party Tray
2 order each: dragon rolls, rainbow rolls. 5 pcs each: tuna sushi, salmon sushi, yellow tail sushi.
Traditional Roll Party Tray
72 pcs (2 order each): California rolls, spicy tuna rolls, Philadelphia rolls, sweet potato tempura rolls, Boston rolls, eel avocado rolls.
Spicy Roll Party Tray
2 order each: spicy tuna rolls, spicy salmon rolls, spicy yellowtail rolls, spicy kani rolls, spicy white tuna rolls.
Vegetarian Roll Party Tray
2 order each: vegetable rolls, sweet potato tempura rolls. 3 order each: cucumber rolls, avocado rolls, asparagus rolls.
Salad Party Tray
2 order each: green garden salad, seaweed salad, kani salad.
Appetizer Party Tray
1 order each beef negimaki, honey boneless rib; 2 order each coconut shrimp, fried calamari, chicken yakitori, haru maki, shrimp shumai; 3 order of edamame.

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